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Pat Parisi M.Ed.

Pat Parisi Career Counsellor Vancouver BC

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I'm Pat and for over 18 years, I've supported 100s of people to thrive in their careers and live meaningful lives.

I help people to find deeper satisfaction and happiness in their career and life choices -- and live their dreams.

Linda Faucheux M.A. LPC

Linda Career Counsellor

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I'm Linda Faucheux (pronounced 'fo-shay') and I've been coaching professionals like you to career success for over 25 years.

Feeling empowered in your career cultivates purpose, mastery, and autonomy; key components for a flourishing life.  

Let me help you build a strong professional direction that will energize you and bring out the best of who you are. 

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Our comprehensive and holistic career counselling approach will help you generate options, evaluate your next steps & feel confident about your future.

We dig deep to uncover your blindspots. We help you master the inner game and coach you to success.

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for 2018 in Hamilton and the surrounding area.

The Hamilton job search marketplace has completely changed over the last 10 years.  

Don't waste time on techniques that no longer work.

Learn how to uncover job opportunities in Hamilton and get coached to be a networking expert, no matter where your starting point.

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Our Hamilton Resume & Professional Branding Specialists can't wait to help you define and articulate what's unique about you. We follow a unique process that's personalized and accomplishments-focused.

We'll arm you with the right strategy and marketing materials (resume, cover letter, Personal Networking profile, LinkedIn profile) that will put your application at the top of the pile!

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hamilton, ontario

Hamilton - Area Information

Are you in the Hamilton area and considering career counselling or career coaching? Or are you thinking about a move? 

Read through this important area information we've gathered that might inspire you or give you some career ideas.

Hamilton Overview & Key Industries in the Region

Hamilton is a large city located South-West of Toronto. It is the third largest city in Ontario and the ninth largest city in Canada. The Niagara escarpment runs through Hamilton, dividing the city into lower and upper. Hamilton is a port city on Lake Ontario and has a rich industrial history, particularly with the steel industry. Hamilton is actually known as the steel capital of Canada!


Almost 25% of Hamilton’s population were not born in Canada. Many Hamilton residents have European ancestry. Approximately 10% of the Hamilton population is Francophone. Hamilton contains McMaster University, as well as several colleges. Hamilton also has a large hospital network, with five connected hospitals.


Hamilton is home to several cultural attractions, such as the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, and the Haida Historical Site. Hamilton has experienced some growth in its arts and culture sector, housing several art galleries in the city, including the McMaster Museum of Art and the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

Growing Trends & Sectors

Hamilton is most well-known for its manufacturing sector, particularly the steel industry, which has a deep history in Hamilton. Hamilton’s manufacturing industry contributes 4% to the economy of Ontario, with a whopping $12 billion in this industry. The industry continues to expand in Hamilton.


Hamilton also has a well-established healthcare and life sciences industry. There has been over $4 billion spent in healthcare in Hamilton, as it houses the second largest hospital network in Canada. There is consistent research and innovation in life sciences through McMaster University and Mohawk College.


Agriculture and food processing is another major industry in Hamilton. Over the last 10 years, there has been a 35% increase in growth in this sector. $1 billion is added to Hamilton’s economy every year through the agriculture and food processing industry. Hamilton contains several terminals for storage, as well as refineries and production facilities. In addition, Hamilton’s location makes sets it up ideally for supply chain, with its proximity to the border, highways, and waterways.

Fun Facts about Hamilton

  1. The Canadian Football Hall of Fame is located in Hamilton.
  2. Hamilton has a nickname: Steeltown.
  3. Hamilton has over 130 waterfalls, and is known as the waterfall capital of the world!
  4. Hamilton has the largest botanical garden in the country.
  5. Hamilton was the location of the first Tim Hortons.

Top Employers in Hamilton

·       ArcelorMittal Dofasco G.P.

·       Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.

·       Burlington Hydro Inc.

·       Hamilton, City of

·       IKEA Canada Limited Partnership

·       InvestorCOM Inc.

·       Joseph Brant Hospital

·       McMaster University

·       Mohawk College

·       Niagara Casinos

·       Niagara Health

·       Sodexo Canada Ltd.

·       St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton

·       Stryker Canada Inc.

·       Tim Horton Children's Foundation, Inc.