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Many organizations embark on leadership coaching programs but what exactly does this involve?

Leadership development relates to any activities that enhance the skills and confidence of leaders.

Within any given company, leadership roles are fundamental to the success or failure of that enterprise.

Good leaders inspire and help drive things forward.  Without effective leadership, even strong teams can flounder.

The traditional focus of leadership development has always been on the individual.

While certain core competencies are shared by most powerful leaders, everyone has different characteristics and idiosyncrasies.

Through a systematized leadership development program, a coach or mentor can harness these individual strengths and direct them appropriately.

There are many benefits for any company that promotes leadership training​:

  • Increased overall productivity
  • Planning and strategizing to make better business decisions not simply reacting to problems as they arise
  • Enhanced employee engagement thanks to more effective leaders
  • Work culture where thinking and learning is encouraged leads to positive results all round
  • A clear model in place for any upcoming leaders to follow

Leadership competency has far-reaching and beneficial results for the organization.

It should be considered an investment with a potentially great return.

Leadership development can also extend to succession planning.

By looking at the intended future of the company, the most suitable leaders to achieve that vision can be trained up and work closely with current leaders with a firm grasp on how they want the company to evolve.


There are several factors that directly affect the success of any leadership training program:

  • The quality of the coaching program itself
  • The degree of support shown by superiors
  • The personality and characteristics of the trainee

We’ll look shortly at what makes a great program but what can you expect from executive coaching?

Here are some of the principal results you can get if you are coached in the art of leading:

  • Prepare For More Substantive Roles
  • Improve Your Discipline and Mindset
  • Learn to Maximize Your Natural Strengths
  • Take Responsibility and Drive The Process
  • Focus on Outcomes
  • Become Better At Adapting Your Behavior

Prepare For More Substantive Roles

If you follow a worthwhile leadership training program, you’ll be properly prepared for the challenge of more demanding roles.

You’ll be coached in how to learn, accept that you’ll make mistakes and grow into any new role rapidly.

With sharpened critical thinking and decision-making skills, you’ll be capable of shouldering more responsibility more efficiently.

Improve Your Discipline and Mindset

Complicated strategic decisions require a disciplined approach.

A rigorous coach will ensure you have the discipline and mindset required to meet involved problems head-on then make tough decisions to drive things forward.

Learn to Maximize Your Natural Strengths

Rather than focusing on what you can’t do well, the best executive coaches will build on your strengths instead.

By harnessing your natural gifts and working on ways to draw them out even more, you can become a great leader not just a good one.

Take Responsibility and Drive The Process

Being coached in leadership competency is no time to be passive. If you’re accepted into a program of this nature, be proactive and drive the process yourself.

The coach is a facilitator. He is not there to do the work for you. He is not even there to provide answers. His role is simply to bring out the very best in you.

Executive coaching is a classic scenario where you only get out what you put in. One of the fundamentals of how to get coached to be a great leader is remarkably simple…

Do the work.

Focus on Outcomes

The most meaningful overall metric of truly great leadership is the impact you have on other people.

Powerful leadership is not about making new friends. It’s not about taking the path of least resistance.

Allowing yourself to be coached in the art of leadership means you’ll always be asking one very crucial question…

“What can I do to ensure my team members are better engaged, more productive and not afraid to innovate?”

Outcomes are all that matter and you’ll achieve them through leadership by focusing on others and how you can help them to help the organization.

Become Better At Adapting Your Behavior

It can be extremely tough to change your habits and behavior without outside assistance.

With the accountability element of a coaching program and the guidance of an effective mentor, you can identify behavior you need to change. All you need to do is follow through and adapt.


Executive coaching is generally only offered to employees with high potential.

Anyone who is nudged toward a leadership training program should be honored and embrace the opportunity wholeheartedly. It should be viewed as a privilege rather than an endurance test.

If your business is experiencing any kind of explosive growth, it’s well worth considering a leadership coaching program.

Your management team needs to adapt to market changes in a way they might not be able to do without assistance.

Since any leadership coaching hinges largely on the willingness and receptiveness of the trainees, ask yourself if your employees really want this.

If so, why does coaching in leadership competency actually work?


There’s limited academic research into the effectiveness of leadership coaching.

Studies have certainly shown, though, that sound programs deliver consistent value.

Why is this?

Leadership Development is Personal

Although some programs can work in groups, a 1-on-1 approach leads to a customized approach that pays real dividends.

Trust can develop more easily while a stronger bond can form between coach and trainee.

With a highly personalized plan of attack, the very best leadership qualities can be drawn out and worked on.

Leadership Development is Objective

Since the coach is not directly aligned with the organization, he or she can be much more objective.

Freed of office politics, the coach can communicate honestly and with no hidden agenda.

The focus remains purely on the outcome which is another reason leadership coaching works.

Leadership Development is Results-Oriented

Leadership training is not cheap. The only thing that counts is a return on investment. Any other aspects become insignificant set against results.

For this reason, clearly defined goals are set and everything is about a positive and measurable outcome.

It’s in this way that the true success of leadership coaching can be determined.

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Hi I'm Nisha, Client Happiness Manager at Careers by Design

Take action now - book a free chat with me today.

I'll  be happy to discuss your situation, explain how our leadership coaching services 
can help you and answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Nisha Valliere B.A.