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"I felt comfortable and re-assured that there is someone to help me move forward in my job search."

DIANE POPOVICH  //  Operations Administrator


"...a marvellous knack for connecting the dots."

MAVIS FERNANDES  //  Organizational Change Consultant

Why you need this

It’s a tough market out there.

The Internet has made it easier than ever to apply for open positions leading to fierce competition for each job.

Plus, many are uncertain about what types of jobs they would excel at and/or what career would make them happiest.

At Careers By Design, our coaches help you:

  • Design a clear, winning strategy to not just get noticed among the sea of candidates but to actually land your dream job (and salary).
  • Get a professional opinion and new perspective about your situation - with nearly 15 years in business, we know what works and how to get there. Get unbiased, objective feedback. We'll show you your blindspots and how to fix them.
  • Move forward, faster - it doesn’t matter if you are unemployed, stuck in a “dead-end” job or feeling uncertain about the direction of your career, we know how to help you break out and enjoy higher and higher levels of professional success.

Why us?

We've helped 1000s of people get More Happy Mondays!  

Let us share our secrets with you.

Our hand-picked career coaches are highly qualified and credentialed.  Our team has 1000s of hours of experience, collectively, helping professionals like you.

We are also the only career counselling company worldwide to use the 'Connect Head & Heart' approach to solving career and life issues (see more below).  This approach is a big reason why:

  • We have so many 5 Star Google Reviews and a perfect 5 star rating on Yelp
  • We have 100s of success stories from happy clients 
  • Our career advice is trusted by national media outlets and has been featured in over 100+ articles

Linda Faucheux

Linda Career Counsellor

Pat Parisi

Pat Parisi

Jeanet Lamoca

Jeanet Lamoca

What You Get At Your Turning Point.

Sit down, face to face, with a coach of your choice &
take your career in a new and exciting direction.

Gain Clarity

Some people hate their current job, others feel like something is “off” or “wrong” or they are just not as happy as they should be.

We help you identify options then we help you get there with a clear, practical strategy - so you can feel truly fulfilled.

Achieve Success

We introduce you to the tools, assessments, resources – and mindset – you need to achieve your career objectives in today’s competitive workplace environment.

Every day that you're not doing work you love is a tax on your health and productivity - it all ends here.

Get Expert Advice

We all have blind spots. Our highly credentialed coaches are trained to help you see the specific barriers that are holding you back from success.

Then we'll show you how to move past them and get exactly what you want.

Reduce Stress &
Feel Relieved

Job searches and career uncertainty can create feelings of anxiety, fear and vulnerability, which are all negative emotions that can keep you stuck where you are.

We help you overcome those emotions and replace them with confidence and calmness.

Get Your Personalized Strategy for Success

You'll leave our Turning Point session with a custom Personalized Report for More Happy Mondays outlining a strategy that fits you like a glove.  We listen carefully to your story and work with you from where you are today.

No other career company offers this level of clarity and support!

Find Out Our Secret To Career Success

What's the big secret? We'll tell you right now: emotional resilience and skill building.  

Why is it important? Because it builds grit, determination and persistence.  All qualities that are critical to career success.  

How do you get it? Come in for a Turning Point and we'll help you understand exactly what you need to do to go from stress to success.  Our methods are quick and easy - taking just minutes a day to learn how to feel grounded and coherent.

It All Starts With Your Turning Point Session.

Sign up and in just one 60-minute coaching session you’ll get the blueprint you need to “turn” your career around.

We Deliver Career Coaching With Heart!

Learn to be Resilient & Boost Your Productivity.

Using proven methods and scientific data, our coaches help put you in touch with the power of your heart. We call this our Connect Head & Heart Approach and it’s something that other career counsellors and companies unfortunately overlook – much to the detriment of their clients.

You see, through easy to learn HeartMath techniques such as heart focus, heart breathing and heart feeling, you can actually learn to use the power of your heart to affect every other system in the body – including your brain.

Top companies (like Google, Facebook and IBM) are using these techniques to improve productivity and boost performance and now you can too.

Through this part of our coaching, you’ll learn how to be resilient in stressful situations – like when you are searching for a job!

We’ll show you how to handle your emotions and provide you with the knowledge and resources that will enable you to get what you want professionally faster and easier and with much less stress.

How do I start?

It's super-easy.  Book a free chat and get started today.

Step 1: Book a Free Phone Chat with Nisha


Get started quickly and easily by booking a free phone chat with Nisha, our Client Happiness Manager & Intake Counsellor.  

She's got the skinny on all our services & all the coaches on our team.  She can answer any questions you have about coaching and put your mind at ease.  

Once you are ready to start, she can book you in for a Turning Point session with the coach of your choice.

Step 2: Meet With Your Coach for Your Turning Point Session

One of our fabulous coaches will meet with you one-on-one in-person at one of our 4 Ontario offices or online via Zoom (these in-depth sessions are just like meeting face-to-face only you won’t have to worry about battling traffic or the weather to get to a physical location).

Your coach will listen to your concerns and at the end of the session you will walk away with our Personalized Report for More Happy Mondays featuring a step by step strategy for you to follow to achieve greater career success.  No two reports are the same - each one is individually personalized for your unique situation and strategy to move forward, faster.

Personalized career report - Careers by Design

Step 3: Consider Our Powerful Coaching Programs

We also offer continued support through longer, specially-priced coaching programs. At the end of the Turning Point session, after delving deep into your situation and developing a clear strategy for you, your coach will make a recommendation for one of our coaching programs, if applicable. 

The Turning Point delivers solid value on its own - you can take what you've learned and proceed better equipped than you were before … Or we can continue working together through one of our longer coaching programs that offers full support, personal career advice and proven, street-smart methods for finding your ideal work. The decision is totally up to you!

Our coaching programs are offered in 4, 7 or 12 session packages and include all the personalized career development resources (assessments, software) you will need to be successful.  Prices range from $888 (4 sessions) to $2388 (12 sessions) - book a phone chat with Nisha to find out more!

What Our Clients Say About Our Coaching

Our success is your success.  Join 1000s of our clients
who have benefited from a Turning Point session.


"Coaching at Careers by Design helped me achieve the confidence and self-worth I always had but never was able to realize before.

Before the Turning Point session, I was stressed, negative, not confident and didn’t know where I was going in my career.  I came out a stronger, more confident and relaxed individual than I was just several months ago.

I am glad I came in and would highly recommend Careers by Design for your career counselling needs."

ANDRE DARMANIN  //  Urban Affairs & Policy Professional


"...allowed me to better articulate my values, skills & goals to discover what career would utilize these fully.

The work we have done has allowed me to see that I am capable of not only creating the lifestyle that I want, but also the jobs that will enable me to achieve it."

BRITTNEY FRANCIS  //  Theatre Artist

Rob Arnott - Careers by Design Testimonial

"This boosted my confidence! I highly recommend Careers by Design to anyone who wants to start feeling better now and have a career that really fits who they are."

ROB ARNOTT  //  Chief Operating Officer

Ready to Write Your Own
Career Success Story?

It all starts with our Turning Point Coaching Session.
Sign up now and get the expert coaching that will help you turn your professional life around.

Your dream job – and salary – are closer than you think.

Let us show you how to turn those dreams into a wonderful reality.

With the Turning Point Session you will get:

•    60 minutes of one-on-one expert career counselling

•    Get your Personalized Report for More Happy Mondays with recommendations and a custom strategy that addresses your unique career concerns

The Turning Point is much more than just a conversation.

This is a full-fledged coaching session in which your coach will listen to your concerns and then create a custom success strategy just for you!  

Turning Point FAQ

Got questions? We've got answers!

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