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Common Questions About Our Approach

Is all career coaching the same?  Why should I choose Careers by Design to help me?

Have you helped people in my industry?

Do you use career assessments/tests?  How do you use them?

What is HeartMath? How can it help me?

I'm not stressed at all, I just need help with my career.  Can you still help me?

Will you find me a job?

Questions About The Turning Point Session

What's a Turning Point session?  

Do I need to know what type of career I want before I book a Turning Point?

Are coaching sessions using video-conferencing tools like Zoom or telephone effective?

Questions About Our Coaching Programs

How does this work? What's a coaching program and do I need to do a Turning Point before a program?

How much do your coaching programs cost?

How long will it take for me to get what I want?

How do all of the modules that are included in the program help me to make a decision?

Will I meet with the same coach throughout my coaching program?

Can you guarantee an outcome?

What is your success rate?

Other Questions

Is your service covered by any type of extended benefits or insurance?

Do you provide interview coaching?

I’m still in school. Can you help me decide on an academic program of study/career direction?

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