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Leader / Executive

Mike Butler

Mike Butler with Eileen Chadnick, Leadership Coach


After working for the same company for 18 years as an IT and operations manager, Mike found himself for the first time having to conduct a new job search and had many questions about his career and his future. He felt overwhelmed with the prospect of looking for a job and didn’t quite know how to start -- how to present himself and what steps to take. He recognized the ‘rules’ of the career landscape had changed and wanted some help developing a new playbook so he could land a good job and keep his career on track.

Mikes's Experience of Coaching

“Initially I wanted to find someone who understood my field. I didn't realize that wasn't as important as someone who could elicit what values were important to me and what skills I was most proud of. The process helped me uncover more of my strengths, abilities and accomplishments, which was useful for the resume and beyond.

Coaching provided a sounding board for me. Eileen was able to dig down to discover the talents that employers would find useful and would allow me to find an employer I would enjoy working for. And, Eileen helped me build my confidence -- almost without realizing it!”

Mikes's Experience of Coaching

“Eileen listened and coached me to make sure I followed through on the process. She was there to assist, but in the end it was up to me -- the sooner I got the work done the sooner I would move forward. What I didn't realize at the time was that, through the exercises, I was building 'stories' for my resume, and that these stories would also be talking points for job interviews. My first interview in 18 years came shortly after my resume was completed. I should have been extremely nervous, but doing the work for the resume prepared me for the interview process. The resume might get you noticed, but the interview is what gets you the job. Eileen had me prepared for both without me fully realizing it! I can't believe how quickly I was able to move on to a great new challenge. I understand that there was definitely some luck involved but, even if this opportunity hadn’t presented itself, I was heading in the right direction and coaching was a significant reason for that.I'd highly recommend Eileen and the whole Careers by Design team. I'm looking forward to many Happy Mondays!”

The Coach's Perspective

Mike had a lot of progressive experience, relevant skills and talents -- and a track record of success that he could draw from. The coaching process helped him see all that for himself and with a new appreciative light. The coaching program also taught him critical career navigation skills. This gave him confidence to approach opportunities with more confidence and efficacy. He worked hard at the process and uncovered the right opportunities – landing himself a terrific job that fit his interests, abilities, and goals.

What Mike Accomplished

• Mike got a much richer view and appreciation of his own strengths, accomplishments, and unique abilities – which gave him confidence and a better handle on how to market himself to prospective employers.

• Mike learned that, in fact, he did have a network to tap into and quickly realized that he knew more people than he gave himself credit for. He also learned that one doesn’t have to be a ‘shmoozer’ to do meaningful, authentic career networking.

• Mike learned how to interview from a place of preparedness and authenticity. He had some genuine assets to offer a prospective employer. Showcasing his strengths and knowledge was the most authentic thing to do. And it was successful!

• Mike learned that his skills were transferrable to other sectors. In fact, he secured a new role in a completely different sector and found a good fit for his values, goals, and aspirations.

Final note: Mike did the work. We supported him throughout the process and provided guidance and advice -- but he leaned in and made the efforts that earned him his success.

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