Shirin Khamisa BA BEd

Founder & Practice Leader

Passionate Leadership + Coaching for Optimal Work/Life Integration + Advocate for Head & Heart Connection

Shirin Khamisa Founder Careers by Design

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    Shirin founded Careers by Design, fifteen years ago, to help people create “More Happy Mondays!”
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    She is a Career Counselor, an ICF Certified Coach and Licensed HeartMath provider. She works with professionals of all ages to overcome small, medium, and large career challenges and to create joyful lives.
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    Shirin has helped thousands of people in one-on-one sessions and through regular contributions to national news media and television.
  • She currently leads a team of highly credentialed, talented career, life and leadership coaches focused on serving clients across Canada.

Hi, I'm Shirin. I’m a caring Career Counsellor, Life Coach & business owner. I specialize in assisting clients to choose a career direction, resolve career-related issues and increase feelings of happiness in life and work. I founded Careers by Design nearly 15 years ago and have spent thousands of hours helping people to get “More Happy Mondays.”

Before I found my calling, I was frustrated and under-utilized at work and I wondered if I would ever find a career that would be a good fit for me. One of the most important experiences I bring to my current work is the insight I gained while navigating my own successful career transitions. I continue to be committed to achieving my full potential and this enables me to support my clients to realise their dreams. I understand the challenges of creating a joyful life and offer the tools and support to overcome them.

I am fortunate to have the privilege of assisting adults of all ages and career stages (early and mid career professionals, as well as senior leaders). Over the years, I have worked with people from all the major professions and industries.

My greatest strength is the capacity to work with people in a holistic way. At Careers by Design, a customized program allows us to tap into your full potential and create change at an accelerated pace. This approach is grounded in research and backed by a 95% client satisfaction rate. Our clients report that coaching has given them the clarity and confidence to achieve their goals. This comprehensive approach takes into account the complexity of human life and addresses the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of career change. It also includes the practical aspects of traditional career counselling. The goal of this approach is to empower you by teaching you how to design your career direction and your life!

Background & Experience

My formal education includes degrees in English Literature and Concurrent Education from Queen’s University. My passion for creating a unique career led me to pursue post-degree study in career development and coaching at the University of Toronto and Adler Learning International.

I also have extensive knowledge of the Healing Arts including: Cognitive Therapy and Energy therapies such as: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Tapas Accupressure Technique (TAT) and Heartmath. This enables me to empower my clients with practical techniques and leading edge products for emotional mastery. My previous work experience includes working in the field of education, as a teacher, and brand marketing roles in pharmaceutical and not-for-profit companies.


HeartMath Licensed Coach
Personality Dimensions - LIcensed Facilitator
Career Dimensions - Licensed Facilitator
Trained in delivery of VIA Character Strengths